How long does it take you to set-up and breakdown ?

We need about 1 hour to see up, and an extra 1 hour after to breakdown.
We are contracted for hours of service and would make sure to be ready by your contracted service time.

What is the size of your coffee station?

We use a 4 to 6 foot folding table to set up on.

How much electricity do you need?

We need a reliable 20 amp circuit.
Sometime in older constructions, we might need to draw another sustaining line.
Please locate your electrical box before our arrival if we happened to pop a breaker during our set-up.

How are you handling headcount? For how many people should we order your services?

Since we are always serving unlimited pizza, we have to count for all the guests that comes in. We are aware that some guests might not take any pizza while some others would have many. We are relying on an average, and that is how we offer a fair price per person.
For the purpose of quotation and booking, we can work with an estimate, we would need a final headcount 4 days prior and would adjust the invoice by then.

Can we combine your coffee station with other stations?

Of course! we are working with plenty of professional vendors, and would love to suggest some other stations or buffet to complement our coffee station.

How do we count for children?

Kids up to 8 are free of charge. Kids 8 and older are half off.

Can you serve in a park or public area?

We would need a generator, and written permission from the venue to have one.
This is an extra $125

Can we set up inside our outside?

Yes. we would need shade during daytime or light for evening events if we were to set up outside.

Can the station be carried over stairs?

The equipment being heavy, this has to stay a reasonable amount of stairs.
We might ask for help carrying the coffee machine around if this happened to be difficult for a one man crew.

What do you need from me?

We would only need a 6 x 4 area to work from and a reliable dedicated 20 amp outlet.

Are cups and all condiments included?

Yes, we provide ripples nice paper cups along with stirrers, and all sorts of sugar.